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You Can't Photoshop Personality
Center for Personal and Professional Growth
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personality development philippines

La Vie Institute believes in inspired learning and our workshops reflect the most dynamic, innovative, and relevant experiences that draw out every person's unique asset, utilizing a one-of-a-kind multi-layered curriculum to achieve

TOTAL Personality Development


United by the mission to develop emotional intelligence, the La Vie institute experience is the result of a fusion of different well-rounded disciplines coming together to design and facilitate energetic and high-impact workshops. 



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personality development alabang

A space designed to stimulate learning in the classic, yet modern home of

TOTAL Personality Development

personality development philippines

The Philippines' only provider of TOTAL Personality Development Programs, we are the only institute dedicated to developing


emotional intelligence, growth mindset, critical thinking, presence and communication skills. 

All programs are facilitated by experienced mentors who design and facilitate high-impact workshops, utilizing a personal approach that yield results.


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personality development alabang

You Have It!

You Are Tough!


    While I would definitely agree with you that beauty is skin deep, you definitely want to put your best foot forward when meeting at the workplace, by reflecting you best assets in your physical appearance as well.



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— When In Manila

       With the increasing demands of today's society to be competitive and become number one, growing up in this world is now taking a serious toll more than ever.



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— Gretchen Gatan, Marketing Manager

        We are all geniuses in our own way, but we are all afraid to show it, to flaunt that genius to the world, because we have confidence issues, right?




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— Joy Gurtiza, Blogger

       I am seriously considering sending my daughter when she turns four. Classes on personality development, I believe, is something that we, moms, should consider also for our kids and for ourselves.




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— Ginger Arboleda, Mompreneur


In The News
summer workshop philippines
Time and Stress Management Workshop
Do You Make an Impact?

You only get 7 seconds to make an impression. Only 7 seconds to determine whether you will leave a positive or a negative one. At best, you get 30 seconds to give a person a more or less accurate idea about who you are and whether or not they are impressed with you.


March 7, 2016

Why you need to care more about PQ and EQ more than IQ:

In the 90’s, the world was introduced to the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by the famous marshmallow test. The test was interpreted as...

May 4, 2018

Develop your Positive Intelligence (PQ) with these 4 mindsets:

Mindset 1:

Your mind (or what you think you are feeling) is not always riight

Your brain's primary function is to help you survive. This is why we feel nervous when...


May 4, 2018

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