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Programs & Workshops

The secret of successful people is that they continuously learn. Cultivate the love of learning through our high-impact programs and become the best you at any age!


Total Personality Development
Youngsters Program
Youngsters Program

Developing your child’s emotional intelligence at an early age paves the way for better school performance, social skills, deep rooted confidence and strong communication skills. The Youngsters Program is made up of 10 workshops, aimed at developing emotional literacy, collaborative mindsets and confident communication skills. Youngsters learn through dynamic, hands-on activities that result to high-impact learning experiences which set a healthy foundation in these formative years. The program is recommended for 6-9 year olds and has a culminating celebration that involves parents and support circles of every student. 

Teens Program
Teens Program

The teenage years is an exciting period in a child's life. The changes that happen both internally and externally can feel quite daunting for teens especially if they are unable to process their emotions and ask the questions they may have during this phase in their life. Providing a safe circle of peers and instructors that facilitate workshops tackling the key issues in this stage, Teens gain from a network of support to learn from and share their unique teenage experiences. Set in fast-paced and interactive sessions, participants gain self awareness, emotional literacy and develop a growth mindset, building a sustainable skill set to become resilient and confident to face all of life's challenges.

Young Adults Program
Young Adults Program

Young adults often battle with pressure whether academically or socially, as they prepare to integrate with the professional world. Our program equips every attendee with resilience by instilling skills that promote a growth mindset, coping strategies for stress, resulting to boosting one's self confidence.

The program is designed with college students and fresh graduates in mind, getting them ready for the demands of the  job market, while equally paying attention to developing clarity on their self-image and personal growth. From preparing them to make a memorable first impression, refining communication skills and social awareness, this program provides the essential tools to help them succeed outside of school.

Professional Development
Professional Development Program

Career satisfaction should not be a privilege. Professionals are faced with the pressure of being current to compete in the job market. Balancing all these demands alongside a healthy personal life can be a challenge. Aside from the technical skills needed in the field, our program is designed to mentally, physically and spiritually prepare you for a successful and meaningful career.

Enrollees have joined to re-calibrate personal goals , re- configure career paths or to upskill and learn tools to manage people better, unlock creativity, gain personal mastery and hone leadership skills. Blending tested practices in studies in emotional intelligence, brain science, body language, effective communication skills, etiquette training and leadership, no other program offers a more holistic approach for both personal and professional growth.

One-on-one Programs
Coaching Leadership Program

A custom designed learning experience targeting your needs and goals, set in a pace that works for you. Begin with an assessment with a Program Consultant, to align goals and clarify your personal objectives.

(Program starts with ten one-on-one sessions)

Specialized Workshops

Public Speaking 101

(Professional Series)


Don't just let opportunities

pass you by because you can't

communicate effectively. There

is no better time than today to

unlock the possibilities!

Develop nerves of steel, a

charismatic presence, creativity

and credibility. Get immediate feedback, see immediate results, and reap the rewards of having remarkable public speaking skills today!


The series runs for 5 consecutive Saturdays for 2

hours per meeting. 

Public Speaking Intensive Series

CV Building and

Interview with Impact


This 4-hour workshop

aims to get your CV

noticed from the pile

and get you ready when you are interviewed for the job. Learn directly from the people who scout talent in this hands-on and dynamic workshop that will increase your chances of getting hired.

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Leadership Exploration and Development


Leadership Exploration

and Development 


A workshop designed for

people-handlers, those lined

up for promotion or those

simply upskilling to be able

to explore more career

opportunities. Learn skills

that enable collaboration,

open communication and

become a leader that is able to acheive results while having a meaningful relationship with your team in this 4-hour workshop experience.


(Workshop Series)


The Lifestyle Makeup

Workshop Series caters 

to women who want to

learn effortless personal

make-up application that

can take you from everyday wear to glamorous occasions.


This 5-hour workshop covers all you need to know from skincare, cosmetics selection, and application techniques.

Ladies will also get a chance to take home freebies!

Lifestyle Makeup Workshop.png


Time and Stress


A 4-hour module

designed to equip

you with the mindset, strategies and skills to maximize each day. Become even more productive and reap the rewards of being smarter in allocating your time with this practical and high-impact experience anchored in EQ.

* Recommended attendees are young adults and professionals.

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