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Student Comments
Helping individuals and families develop critical life skills to succeed in the 21st century

"Thank you to La Vie Institute., which really helps professionals especially me, to come out of my shell. It’s a package knowledge deal. I am applying it in my daily routine and I can share it with my kids too.”


Barbara Turalde (Professionals TPD Student)

“I like learning about the different social and cultural issues because it’s nice to be aware of what’s happening around (us). It affects the way we see or understand things and we become careful about our actions and words.  I also like to get to share my opinions even if everyone has a different one.”


— Diana Balila (Teens TPD student)


“My experience in La Vie Institute is extremely helpful for me in the long run, as I will be able to use the skills I have learned throughout my college and professional years to come. The mentors and staff were very polite and helpful in terms of what I needed to achieve…I would recommend this institute to other learners working on developing their personality.”


— Germaine Jamaji (Young Adults TPD Student)


“ I learned how to handle myself properly and how to improve in the things that I lack. I learned to always be aware of my actions/ gestures because of people’s different opinions . I learned that growing up is normal and I will face conflicts , problems and discover new things…and that it’s okay to feel this way.”


— Zirene Umali (Teens TPD Student)

"I feel I am enhanced and more powerful. Very good value and I am so happy to have done it. Met all instructors and classmates with great enthusiam. I will explore more classes at La Vie."


— Dominic Almazan (Professionals TPD Program)


"The mentors are approachable and knowledgeable on the topics and the lessons are practical for life outside the classroom, which traditional schools often overlook in preparing students for the real world. The small number of students per class made each session feel more intimate and everyone can fully participate. La Vie is a school run on a sincere passion to help individuals bloom where they are planted and I highly recommend it!"


— Jessica Martinez (Young Adults TPD Program)


“Being in La Vie is a unique experience for me because I have never been to anything like this before. At first I didn’t see it as significant and thought the classes would be like the usual ones but the mentors elaborated the importance of knowing and learning the lessons every workshop. In my opinion, this is an investment people should consider for themselves.”


— Sofia Corvera (Teens TPD Program)


"This really helped a lot especially at work. This boosted my confidence when in front of a crowd. I was able to improve my presentation skills and confidence level."


— Rebie Gavilla (Public Speaking Intensive Series)


“There is no doubt that God was present in the details of all our activities. It was fun and yet reflective day that allowed us to renew our spirits and refresh our relationships.”


— Karen Hebron (Customized Team Building Workshop)

" La Vie Institute definitely helped me be more of an extrovert and a bubbly person. The program boosted my confidence and I highly recommend La Vie Institute to everyone!"


— Jaimee Aquino (Teens TPD Program)

"La Vie Institute was a really great place to be in. I met new friends. learned new things and I would say I built up my confidence. The mentors were really nice and kind."    


— Tobit Oban (Teens TPD Program)

"I was able to learn a lot in La Vie.: Being confident and thinking more critically."

— Raizel Lozada (Teens TPD Program)

“La Vie is a very accommodating place. All the staff and mentors emulate the teachings well. I love the hospitality they always give. Everyone is well dressed , kept and positive. A great example for students!”


— Marian Lobitana (Professionals TPD Student)


“My experience here in La Vie has been one of the most impactful experiences that I have ever had. The workshops here enhanced the things that I lacked and improved it to new heights.”


— Adrian Dasilva (Teens TPD Student)



“The mentors were very friendly and helpful. I learned a lot from them and I will always remember their advices. Thank you also to the staff who were very approachable and friendly.”


— Janine Fulminar (Professionals TPD Student)


“ La Vie has changed me as a person, before I was shy and I was nervous talking to strangers, but now I think I am confident to speak to people as well as my public speaking skills. I will use what I learned in school and in daily life. Also, I know how to handle conflict now.”


— Anusha Menon (Teens TPD Student) 

"Being here was really fun and not only did I learn a lot if lessons and techniqies, I also made lots of friends throughout the 3 phases!"


—  Gabriel Mempin (Teens TPD Program)

"It made me a better person and also made me ready for the future!"


— Errol Ong (Teens TPD Program)

"Before I get nervous easily and anxious whenever I go to a new place. What I've learned here is to have fun because people here are friendly and they try their best to improve us students to face the world with confidence and a positive outlook in life."  


— Nicole De Guzman (Teens TPD Program)


"La Vie helped me to deal with real life problems such as conflict between two people. Here, I improved my confidence as well as make new friends."


— James Montemayor (Teens TPD Program)


"It's learning and fun-at the same time- here at La Vie Institute!"


— Thea San Pedro (Teens TPD Program)

“It was fun! I had great classmates & great mentors. I’ve become aware of so many things; things that one should know in order to survive the corporate world.” 

— Sofia Pineda (Young Adult TPD Program)

"My time here in La Vie Institute was fun and I'm going to miss it. The mentors were super nice and really knew what they are teaching. Through the classes I took here, I am now more confident and capable in situations. I loved it here!"


— Karren Ibuna (Teens TPD Program)

"The most significant lesson I have learned us that I have to be more confident to communicate and relate with other people better. This is because before this experience, I was quite shy and I didn't speak that much, but I think I feel much more confident now to speak more with others."

— Enrico Martinez (Teens TPD Program)

"I had a great learning experience in La Vie Institute. I gained more confidence and there were a lot of things I learned which were not taught in the walls of our office and knowledge which I did not acquire from my MBA course. Indeed, La Vie has helped me be the better version of myself!"

— Marinel Canta (Professionals TPD Program)

Parent Comments

“My daughter’s over-all personality has loosened up- she’s a lot more confident, sociable and has become fashionable too! We will definitely return next summer for more classes! Thank you La Vie!”

— Janet Casyao (mother of Teens TPD student)


“It was an investment when we enrolled our daughter to La Vie…and the return is immediate! There is no doubt that we made the right decision enrolling her.”

Lyra Garcellano (Mother Teens TPD student)


“My kids improved a lot especially in expressing themselves and resolving issues between mom-daughter/ mom-son. I’m happy with all the positive changes in their personal life.”


Dinah Balila (mother of Teens TPD student)


“As my kids grow to become teenagers, I saw the need for them to adjust and develop some personality improvements- to adjust socially on people interactions. The knowledge gained gave them insights and awareness on areas to improve. As parent, we are but more than happy to see them improve their personalities and aspects on social graces.”


Vermar Balila (Father of Teens TPD student)

“My son's interest before were limited to things he learned in school or in playing video games. He now talks about Art, Cultures, Etiquette and positive observations of the world around him. Most importantly, he has gained friends at La Vie and is no longer intimidated at making new ones. Thank you for a wonderful summer experience that I'm sure he'll remember for a long time!”


— Mrs. Jhoane Mempin


"My daughter has improved her relationships with other people especially with me. She has become more open and greatly developed her self esteem and confidence."


— Mrs. Mari-Dhen Corvera


"I believe this program will help encourage people to improve, become a better person who is positive and successful in life. My granddaughter was in a happy mood after every workshop and she has become more positive about her vision for the future."  


— Mrs. Rose Obias


“I can say that  after taking this program, my daughter improved her self confidence and now has a positive outlook in life.”


— Mrs. Herminia De Guzman

“ My daughter used to be a very shy person. She had a hard time engaging in conversations with her classmates… Ever since she attended here, I noticed that she’s slowly overcoming her insecurities.”


Dr. Edwin Balatbat (Father of Teens TPD Student)


“ Having undergone sessions in La Vie, my daughter is more aware and conscious of herself, like how to carry herself in public places, in choosing her clothes and shoes properly and other stuff that is appropriate to her age. Also, she’s making sure she has eye contact when talking & listening to other people.”


Ross Balatbat (Mother of Teens TPD)


“This is a good foundation to build up the confidence of a child. Small groups and interactive classes helps the child explore their potential.”


Anil Malayatil (Father of Teens TPD Student)


“ My daughter is more aware of how one should behave when confronted with difficult situations. One time, when we were talking about bullying, she told me that one must know how to handle the situation by not being affected and still think, act positively and kindly towards the one doing it.”


Ofella Luceño (Mother of Teens TPD Student)

“My daughter’s stay at La Vie helped her become a better and confident teenage girl. She’s more confident to meet & talk to people and is now observant of her surroundings. “


— Mrs. Herminia Velarde

"My son usually doesn't interact with other people he just met but after Phase 2, he's become approachable to friends and visitors at home and even have conversations with them. he's become more confident which I truly appreciate."

— Mr. Richard Mempin

"At first my daughter felt scared and didn't want to attend but after going, she said she's happy she entered into the program. She was happy with her classmates and she learned various subjects that helped her develop her personality to appreciate people more, know First Aid basics plus learning more about dealing with conflict and relationships. "


— Mrs. Mary Jean Ibuna

"From the day we had our assessment , I knew La Vie would contribute positively to my son's development. The teachers, administrators and classmates of my son all brought new interactions which resulted to new behavior in my son. Right now, I think the most observable (change) is his smiling more often..."

— Mrs. Iris Martinez 

When In Manila

When In Manila

"While I would definitely agree with you that beauty is skin deep, you definitely want to put your best foot forward when meeting at the workplace, by reflecting your best assets in your physical appearance as well."



“How would you know what you are capable if you don’t try and find out? What reason is there for you to not make that move to enhance yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to know yourself better to have a more solid foundation?”

Cheryl Golangco

Cheryl Golangco

"What I really liked about the process is that they just don’t give you a program and schedule to follow, they really take the time to get to know you and understand where you’re coming from."

Ginger Arboleda

Ginger Arboleda

"I am seriously considering sending my daughter when she turns 4. Classes on personality development, I believe, is something that we, moms, should consider also for our kids and for ourselves."

Greta's Junkyard

Greta's Junkyard

“With the increasing demands of today’s society to be competitive and become number one, growing up in this world is now taking a serious toll more than ever.”

Mommy Tots

Mommy Tots

"I totally agree with how this institute was designed to cater to the need of working on Character Development and reinventing one's self regardless of age."

Sam Beltran

Sam Beltran

"Conflict happens only 20 percent of the time, but affects you 80 percent of the time."

A Work-At-Home-Mom Writes

A Work-At-Home-Mom Writes

“The people of La Vie were so kind and warm. I didn't notice the 5 hours that passed.”



"We are all geniuses in our own way, but we are all afraid to show it, to flaunt that genius to the world, because we have confidence issues, right?"

Workshop Hub in the South

Workshop Hub in the South

There’s a new workshop hub in the South dedicated entirely to bringing only the most fun, dynamic workshops that are far from your usual seminar or class. Gone are the days when learning is boring because the workshops in La Vie Institute are not only essential, it is also 100% fun.

Rolled Into One Mom

Rolled Into One Mom

"Good manners and good grooming never go out of style. That's a fact!"

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