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Become an Interview Success!

Every one of us will go through a defining moment in our career wherein we have to prove our worth to join our chosen industry. This moment often happens during the most- dreaded event of any professional's life: the job interview.

From the moment you enter the building doors and you get seated at the waiting area, consider yourself in the game. This is where many fail in their interview preparation and this is where majority of the possible blunders will start brewing into a disaster waiting to happen. Mindset is the key element in scoring a job interview.

Here are 4 keys to get your mind on track and make any interview work to your advantage:

1. An Interview is a matching process- don't take it personally.

Every company and hiring committee has a profile in mind even before you step into that room. It is your job prior to submitting your application to find alignment with your skills, values and capability with the company and the position you will apply for. Research and interview people in the industry you want to penetrate and understand what skills, traits and training the industry values. This will give you time to prepare and assess if you are a competitive candidate. If you find your skills or experience lacking, that's not a reason to delay or quit. Even a fresh graduate can be right for the job as long as you possess other traits and potentials that can be honed while on the job. More than anything, you must show your willingness to be part of the company and impress upon them that you are a team player who is willing to learn.

2. You have as much say on how comprehensive your interview will be.

Don't think the interviewer has the only say when it comes to asking the questions. Remember that the interview aims to create a dialogue between the committee and the candidates. Make the interview a two-way street by asking questions and requesting for more details on the position you are applying for. This shows the employers that you take the job seriously and will create an avenue to establish a better understanding that allows both parties to arrive at a fair set of agreements and expectations. However, never breach the subject of salary and compensation unless the interviewer initiates the discussion.

3. Your looks may get you in the door but it will not land you the position.

Yes, your looks play a huge role in creating a positive first impression so never overlook this important aspect. Good grooming and power dressing is half the job but being a consistent stunner takes more endurance. Don't let your looks be the only thing that gets them talking. Your talk should just be as impressive as your walk! Back up that first impression with a powerful CV. Depending on the industry, you must have your portfolio crafted to clearly highlight all your assets. Come to the interview prepared with a variety of evidence to give your future employer a sample of your work. Utilize modern media if possible, by using digital modes to showcase your portfolio. Don't be afraid to let your creativity and personality shine as employers are constantly on the lookout for individuals who can innovate the culture of their workplace.

4. Your technical knowledge is important but it won't make the committee champion you.

According to Carnegie Institute of Technology, technical skills or education makes up only 15% of the factors that will make you financially successful. This carries over how people weigh and categorize you as a successful person. Ultimately, your personality and your ability to connect will be the key to make people rally for you. Hiring committees are willing to overlook the fact that you are a fresh graduate when they feel that you will be a pleasure to work with. Someone dynamic, genuine and creative is a definite asset in any industry. Strategize and find ways to convey these traits during your application and you will for sure gain a definitive advantage over the other candidates.

Be competitive in the job market and be on your way to landing that dream job! Develop your edge through power dressing, developing an impressive resume and learn business and social etiquette through our TOTAL Personality Development programs at La Vie Institute! Call to inquire at 831-7414 or 0917-7723010 today.

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