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4 Social Faux Pas to Avoid this Holiday Season

Tis the season for gatherings and bountiful opportunities to network and look your best! If the idea of hob-nobbing this season gives you anxiety, here are some essential reminders to help you avoid committing a social faux pas that can leave a bad impression & dampen the holiday cheer:

1. Adhere to the Dress Code - We often remind our students that you create a first impression in the first 7 seconds. One of the major contributors to how you are perceived is how you are packaged. Before any event, make sure you are aware of the dress code and FOLLOW it. A blatant disregard to dress codes can disrespect the host as well as make you feel self conscious. Know how to dress your best is always a great confidence boost!

2. Make the RSVP - There is really no acceptable excuse to not sending an RSVP. Let me take this opportunity to tell you what fuss you create when you do not send yours:

A. Seating charts are hard work and notifying late or arriving unannounced puts your host in a bind to create space for you at the last minute.

B. You become an unforeseen expense when you suddenly arrive and the menu rates that have been pre-approved are suddenly changed because of your lack of consideration.

C. At worst, you may not be allowed to attend the event due to your absence in the guest list. If you think you can call the host on the spot to vouch for you, stop now- the host has a million things to handle and expecting they attend to you last minute is rude.

3. Plan your gifts - Presents are this season's staples so knowing your gift giving etiquette is essential to avoid inappropriate gifts. Take time to plan appropriate gifts by considering cultural etiquette, professional boundaries as well as to ensure that you are not sending a similar gift from last year-- or worse, re-gifting a gift to the same person you received it from! Remember that a well-thought-out gift trumps a hefty price tag all the time!

4. Never assume that bringing along a plus one is okay - Your friends, family or workmates might not make it obvious just then, but showing up with extra guests is plain and simple rude. Don't compromise the budget and the mood of the gathering by toting an unexpected "plus one" or heaven forbid, "plus twos"!

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