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6 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Self-Confidence:

1. Smile / Greet people you encounter

Resist the urge to avert your gaze when you suddenly lock eyes with someone. Instead, give them a smile or a nod of greeting. Do this until it becomes a habit. You will find that by doing this small gesture, your ability to make & maintain eye contact will improve as well as will do wonders in improving you aura!

2. Read

It doesn’t matter if it’s the back of a juice box or the daily news. Not only will reading expand your horizons, you will also develop a wider vocabulary, helping you express yourself better and clearer. You will find that the more words you have in your vocabulary bank, the better your ability to share stories, persuade and get people on your side! Plus, you never run out of things to talk about when you are consistently reading new things. Readers make for interesting conversationalists!

3. Exercise

Dissatisfaction with how you look is one of the top factors people avoid going out to socialize. If it’s your weight that’s holding you back, take control by getting into a form of exercise you enjoy. Play a sport and bond with friends or meet new people to expand your network. You don’t have to be motivated to shrinking down to a size; just do the work and that will be the reward itself. The pounds you shed will just be a sweet bonus!

4. Tailor your look

Tailoring doesn’t need to be limited to expensive clothes. In fact, it can apply to something as basic as your hairstyle. Get your hair “tailored” to fit your face (play around with hairstyles to see which suit your face & your lifestyle) and get some accessories (glasses, a pair of earrings, etc.) that will match your face shape. Little things like this go a long way to create a more polished everyday look that doesn’t call for long hours of preparation.

5. Take a different route

Whether it’s driving to work or the usual hallway you use to get to your cubicle, change it up from time to time. You’ll be surprised how something this simple can awaken your senses and make you take notice of new things. You may discover an interesting quaint restaurant or discover a new cute co-worker!

6. Strike up a random conversation

You know the custodian you always bump into at the restroom when you do your morning routine? He/ she has a very interesting story to tell. Find out about it. It’s small connections like this that will reward you on a bad day when these small acquaintances surprisingly provide you with the solutions, or sympathy, you desperately need.

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