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Develop your Positive Intelligence (PQ) with these 4 mindsets:

Picture this: A guy is waiting in line to be interviewed for a position in a company he really wanted to work for. While waiting, he looks around and sees that there are many applicants vying for the job and a lot of them are more dressed up than he is. Slowly, he starts to feel discouraged and he physically shrinks in insecurity, leading to feelings of doubt about his competence. He then starts evaluating the way he is dressed and how he must look like to an outsider. Eventually these feelings of inadequacy psych him out so much that he decided to leave the interview all together, convinced that he is not prepared in his current state.

We have all been in a similar type of situation like this guy at one time or another, passing up opportunities that could have made way for potentially life changing experiences. See, though we would like to believe that our minds are capable of logic in overwhelming situations, our thoughts may not always go towards the direction of a positive outcome. Contrary to popular belief, Positive Intelligence (PQ) is not simply thinking positively. In a study spearheaded by Stanford University professor: Shirzad Chamine, the technology behind Positive Intelligence is having the ability to increase how you can get your mind to serve you better by first having the awareness of if and when your mind is sabotaging you.

Develop your PQ with these 4 mindsets to help you overcome those tempting moments when you reason your way out of something that could be great:

Mindset 1:

Your mind (or what you think you are feeling) is not always right

Your brain’s primary function is to help you survive. This is why we feel nervous when we are in unfamiliar situations. If we have not learned to master our nerves, our nerves get the best of us and we stop before we even try. Be comfortable with being nervous. Don’t wish it away, instead know it is there because it just wants to protect you but assure it that together, you can venture forward to see what’s in store. You never know, it could be great!

Mindset 2:

You have a choice on what to focus on.

Be clear with your intention because it will dictate your body, your energy and will prompt the world to respond to you accordingly. If you focus on WHY you are doing what you are doing, you will have your sights on the bigger picture and not be bogged down by small bumps along the way. Remember that what you focus on expands.

Mindset 3:

You can always choose how to respond to your emotion.

When you think about it, your emotions are just that- emotions. How you act is based on what you choose to do. It is your choice if you will let something offend you or stop you from going after what you really want. You don’t always have to choose to be angry or afraid. In fact, you can choose to not respond at all. You can always stop being the victim and instead be in control over how you feel.

Mindset 4:

You must only impress YOURSELF- no one else.

If at the end of the day you can say that you did your absolute best, then you have done enough. Disappointments are part of learning and preparing you towards something greater, so take every setback as a learning opportunity. The only reason you should be doing something is because you want to and not because you want to get people’s approval. Seek to only impress yourself, and see how happier you will become.

Learn more about your mindset and limiting beliefs and learn strategies on how to develop your EQ and PQ skills with us at the Philippines’ only provider of TOTAL Personality Development Programs: La Vie Institute.

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