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Do You Make an Impact?

Every person has his or her own sense of charm. It’s a matter of giving every person some time to bloom in front of you or time to show their sense of character….However, not everyone will give you the time of day.

In fact, you only get 7 seconds to make an impression. Only 7 seconds to determine whether you will leave a positive or a negative one. At best, you get 30 seconds to give a person a more or less accurate idea about who you are and whether or not they are impressed with you.

Becoming instantly noticeable is in your hands and working on it will make you leave a lasting, positive impression to everyone you meet. Start now by working on these 3 things:

1. Impress with your Dress- No matter what anybody says, a person’s clothing influences how a person is perceived by at least 95%. Ones personality, even level of sophistication, are some of what people deduce from how you put together an outfit. You don’t have to put on expensive labels to impress. It all boils down to appropriateness, fit, color choice and how you carry your clothes. Of course, grooming goes hand in hand with clothing choice as well, so developing good hygiene habits and building a curated wardrobe is a step towards making the right impression!

2. Eye contact- Whether or not you have been formally introduced or you are simply walking into a room, make eye contact with as many people as you can. It doesn’t have to be a locked gaze, just a sweeping gaze to sincerely acknowledge that you see them. Take it up a notch by mastering your own “smize” or smiling with your eyes. Without flashing a toothy smile, you give off the same positive effect with this subtle, extra-special, form of eye contact.

3. Catch and Release a Person’s Name- Whether you gave it or not, knowing that someone knows your name gives an immediate feeling of importance and boosts your connection instantly. Be good with names by making a point of remembering it. The moment you catch a person’s name, find a way to echo it back to him/ her during the conversation and once again before you part ways, preferably with a solid handshake.

Now that you ‘ve learned how to make a positive impact, leave a lasting impression with your etiquette and the manner in which you communicate. Learn these and more and watch how many doors open up for you with La Vie Institute’s unique and comprehensive TOTAL Personality Development Programs!

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