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Why you need to care more about PQ and EQ more than IQ:

In the 90’s, the world was introduced to the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by the famous marshmallow test—with the premise that the kids who were able to hold off on eating one immediately, will get another marshmallow if they obeyed the rule of not eating one until they were told. The test was interpreted as categorizing the kids who resisted the temptation, to have higher EQs than those who immediately gobbled up theirs. However, there’s more to EQ than a marshmallow test and even many years later, majority are still unable to explain what EQ really is and why it matters so much. In its essence, EQ is ones ability to control how one responds to an emotion. Emotions can range from anger, sadness, hunger, shame, guilt and so on- and are catalysts of our everyday actions. Say, one is categorized as a shy person because this person may respond to their fear of being judged/ rejected, making their behavior withdrawn and not participative in social interactions.

On the other hand, a person who has had the opportunity to develop their EQ will still feel shy upon seeing a crowd of strangers but, having had the advantage of being aware that this seemingly scary situation is actually an opportunity to make friends and have fun, they are able to behave differently and overcome the temptation to shy away. Because of EQ studies, we now know that the difference does not lie on emotions alone, and instead the biggest factor is one’s capability to decide on what to do about the feelings they feel and which behavior they choose despite it. Because everyday we undergo different emotions, one’s ability to master one’s behavior despite overwhelming emotions can be the edge which differentiates people who can withstand, and even rise, above daily pressures. Compared to people who cannot cope and who resorts to giving up, or worse: failing to even try- people with a developed EQ are resilient and can see failure as opportunities to grow.

Enter PQ, a fairly new technology spearheaded by Stanford University’s Shirzad Chamine, which has revealed that alongside EQ, Positive Intelligence (PQ) is just as essential to develop. Positive Intelligence shows how your mind, if you are not aware, can sabotage your progress and literally get in the way of your happiness. Shirzad asserts how PQ is the foundation of a strong EQ—because it starts with knowing that your mind may not always be a willing participant when it comes to hard work & perseverance, cultivators of fulfillment and happiness that comes from hard earned success.

It’s no wonder that there is now a paradigm shift where we as a society realize that school smarts is not what purely determines people who are successful. With the advent of studies in PQ and EQ coming to light, we are called towards prioritizing developing these 2 types of intelligence as much as we pay importance to IQ. It is a call we take to heart here in La Vie Institute and one we have dedicated a space to hone these skills, giving them opportunities to stretch & further develop their PQ and EQ skills so they can live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Learn more about your mindset and limiting beliefs and learn strategies on how to develop your EQ and PQ skills with us at the Philippines’ only provider of TOTAL Personality Development Programs: La Vie Institute.

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