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What You Don't Learn In School CAN Hurt You

La Vie Institute is known as a Personality Development Institute and people associate us to a finishing school, modeling workshops or public speaking programs. While all of those associations are aligned with what we do, at the heart of our Institute is the thrum of our common goal and the heartbeat to all that we do: to develop emotional intelligence.

Children spend years in school only to end up feeling inadequate, judged, paranoid and traumatized out of learning. This is largely because only a few are deemed worthy of honors and only one can be in first place. Instead of strengthening skills and developing a love of learning, majority develop burn out and battle with confidence issues just when they’re expected to become competitive as a professional.

The effects are reflected in today’s kids and the society as a whole. In school, students use the grading system to see how far they need to push themselves. Doing well is not the goal, but passing is. Later on in life, this standard is carried unconsciously, making way to a mediocre life. Becoming contented with survival, it becomes unnecessary to stretch and explore what else can be done better. Before long, people are trapped in false notions of what a fulfilled life looks like by acquiring more wealth, material things and going after recognition- only to end up feeling unfulfilled in the end. Why does this happen and how can we put an end to it?

Emotional Intelligence is not being prioritized enough in academic work. Instead of focusing on the WHY of education, our school systems are busy identifying WHAT students need to learn, and the list gets longer and more daunting as our world progresses with new knowledge, technology and impossible standards. Sadly, kids grow up feeling more inadequate, thinking that life is a constant uphill battle that’s impossible to win.

We believe that strengthening one’s emotional intelligence makes for resilient individuals who are self-motivated, finds meaning in work, and lives life with integrity. The value of the learning opportunities in our TOTAL Personality Development program is having the space & resources to focus on one’s self. Attendees are equipped with practical techniques and skills to handle their emotions, make smarter goals, reflect on their values and belief systems, and empower them to take control of their lives.

Instead of teaching them what success is, we ask each attendee to design what success means for them. Doing so frees up the space for limitless possibilities for a creative mindset, rather than molding someone to follow the trend and be limited to what others believe as success. Attendees walk out of our workshops having a clear answer to why they want to become successful, making them more motivated and focused in their personal, as well as professional, goals.

It’s a costly mistake to place so much emphasis on academic excellence without balancing the development of ones emotional intelligence. There is never a right time than NOW to give importance to developing your EQ through the learning opportunities and platforms such as the ones we offer in La Vie Institute. Our programs are unique and have been consistent to deliver immediate & life changing results. It’s never too late or too early to unlearn the false standards of success and redefine it. You need only to want to start today.

Know how you can develop your EQ and experience how life changing it is! Find out more about what we can do for you through our TOTAL Personality Development programs only here at La Vie Institute. Call to inquire at 831-7414 or 0917-7723010 and schedule your FREE Assessment today.

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