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Are you a Likeable Person?

Be honest. If you were to see yourself walking down the street, would you be attracted to yourself? Would you be interested to get to know the person you see? Would you feel that you are someone approachable, interesting or worth knowing?

Regardless of your answer, being likeable is more important than you probably place importance on. Not to say that we should bend over backwards to ensure that everyone likes you- that’s impossible and not a worthwhile pursuit. However, the aim of this is to get you thinking on what areas you can revisit and adjust about yourself, that would increase your likability.

But first, why is it important to be likeable? If you have not already noticed, every thing worth accomplishing in this world requires working with people. Your ability to mobilize, communicate and build relationships is largely determined by how likable you are. Getting people to follow you is one thing, but having people go out of their way to support you is what gets remarkable things done. You can pay for help but genuine support is only given to those we care about and believe in.

So what makes a person likeable? Even if you are akin to Mr. Scrooge, the good news is that likability can be learned. Here is a simple, practical approach to working towards becoming more likeable:

  1. Start with your desired image- How would you like people to describe you to others? Now choose 3 words that you want to be used to describe you. Is it smart? Friendly? Interesting? Once you have chosen your adjectives, assess your behavior objectively. For example, if you wish to be seen as a friendly person, you would need to work towards generating more friends. You will have to develop your ability to strike a conversation as well as work on your body language to ease people in when they speak with you.

  2. Work up the habit- Now that your target is clear, it's time to “train” yourself to make it second nature to you. Studies show that it takes roughly 66 times of doing before something becomes a habit. Remind yourself of your goal to stay committed. It may be something like waking up early so you can have enough time to put on make-up and fix your hair before work, so you boost your impact and credibility. It can also be committing to reading for an hour everyday to increase your word power and smarts so you can contribute more to conversations. Regardless of the habit you are developing, you must accept that it takes time and commitment in order to yield results.

  3. Become it-Your change will affect other areas of your life. Let it happen and embrace the doors that will open up to you because of how you are developing. When you are doing something remarkable, attention and recognition will inevitably follow. This is the time you reap your rewards and enjoy the changes it will bring. Whether it makes way to a promotion or an opportunity to meet new people, expect that you will be stretched further. Growth always does this. Consistency is key to making your change become a lifestyle that will benefit you for years to come.

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