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How to Calm Your Panicked Brain

Do you find that you easily get discouraged when things don't go your way? Do you feel the surge of panic overtake you when unforeseen situations ruin your plans? Manage stress now with these 4 stress-busting mind framing techniques:

1. Reframe- Fear, pain, exhaustion are just some of the many states that we experience. By learning how to reframe your current state, you instantly assume an objective position and step out of your current state. Mastering the truth that you are not your feelings will pull you out of any funk because you remember that what you feel now is not who you are. Reframing means being able to put a different meaning to the current situation or feeling you are experiencing. A common example is feeling like a victim when something bad happens to you. When you accept the role of a victim, you place blame on others and focus on the wrongs did to you. Not only will this prolong your agony, it is also a dead end. Instead, reframe the situation by seeing it as a learning opportunity. You will be more confident to try again in the future, armed with what you learned from mistakes in the past.

2. Big picture- Life has its seasons. Remind yourself that you are in a journey and this stressful episode is just a part of it. Difficulties are part of the process and your end goal is bigger than your current state. Embrace the challenges and keep on trucking to what awaits in the horizon. Giving up when you're stressed is not an option. Remind yourself to trust in the bigger picture that will only be revealed if you see your project through to the end.

3. Zone in- You are not a victim of circumstance. Zone in to what is causing you stress. Getting out of the "victim state of mind" activates your senses to address the problem spots so you can do something about it. In any situation, you are presented with choices & you can choose to wallow in your current state & stay paralyzed or you can rise to the challenge and make your situation work out for the best! Identify the areas you can work on right now and move forward. Solutions will present itself when you know where your problems lie.

4. Gratefulness- Shift your focus onto something you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be something grand. It could be appreciating that you have a job when others have no employment or maybe it's appreciating the air conditioning inside the cab while you're stuck in traffic. Reminding yourself that there is always a reason to be grateful, will shift your state of negativity into a positive one. Shifting to a positive frame of mind will decrease the amount of stress you subject your body to, allowing your mind to become clear and open up. Once you create room for positivity, you can consider different angles for solving your problem & see the many opportunities and solutions you have at your disposal.

Learn how to manage your stress and boost your coping skills to make way for more productivity in your personal & professional life! We've equipped many workshop attendees and have improved how they manage stress in our dynamic workshop formats the way only La Vie Institute does! Call 831-7414/ 0917-7723010 for more information.

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